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aws practices

AWS Lambda

Run code without thinking about servers

Amazon API Gateway

Build, deploy & manage APIs

Amazon CloudFront

Global content delivery network

Amazon DynamoDB

Managed NoSQL database

Amazon Aurora

High performance managed relational database

AWS IoT Analytics

Analytics for IoT Devices

AWS CloudFormation

Create and manage resources with templates

AWS Database Migration Service

Migrate databases with minimal downtime

aws practices IN THE service delivery PROGRAM

AWS Lambda

Amazon API Gateway

AWS CloudFormation (pending)


AWS Lambda lets you run code for a limited time without provisioning or managing servers. You pay only for the compute time you consume. Spend time improving the overall quality of your application.

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  • No servers to manage

  • Continuous scaling

  • Subsecond metering

  • Consistent performance

  • Decouple your monolith into a serverless architecture

*execution time must be < 15 minutes

Use cases

  • Real-time file processing

  • Real-time video stream processing

  • Machine learning

  • Web applications

  • IoT applications

  • Mobile applications

  • ETL pipelines

  • Analytics, including data transformation

  • 3rd party integrations

  • Event processing (Kafka, SQS)


Amazon API Gateway is an AWS service for creating, publishing, maintaining, monitoring, and securing REST, HTTP, and WebSocket APIs at any scale. App developers build a functioning application to call AWS services by invoking a WebSocket or REST API created by an API developer in API Gateway. API developers create and deploy APIs to enable the required functionality in API Gateway.

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  • Efficient API development

  • Easy monitoring

  • Performance at any scale

  • Flexible security controls

  • Cost savings at scale

  • RESTful API options

Use cases

  • RESTful APIs optimized for serverless workloads

  • WebSocket APIs for real-time two-way communication applications, such as chat apps and streaming dashboards

  • Send custom events to Amazon EventBridge so that they can be matched to rules

  • Write data records into an Amazon Kinesis data stream

  • Connect your HTTP API routes to private resources in a VPC

  • Write route-level metrics to Amazon CloudWatch

  • Design mapping templates to map the payload from a method request to the corresponding integration request or from an integration response to the corresponding method response


AWS Cloudformation provisions and configures the stacks and resources specified on templates of code created for your applications. The coding language used to create the templates can be in either YAML or JSON formats.


  • Automate best practices

  • Scale your infrastructure worldwide

  • Integrate with other AWS services

  • Manage third-party and private resources

  • Extend CloudFormation with the community

Use cases

  • RESTful APIs optimized for serverless workloads

  • Data pipelines that process data anonymously in order to meet regulatory and privacy compliance standards

  • Unique identifiers to deliver on complex analysis, logging, AI/ML, monetization, and visualization features

  • Solutions that are privacy-centric and do not track unique identifiers, such as user id or session id, by default

  • Keep user data anonymous and provide a reliable, fault-tolerant, and fully managed AWS infrastructure

  • Redeploy the infrastructure as code for a completely custom schema. Send data to the pipeline in JSON format

  • Direct ingestion using the AWS Kinesis Data Streams SDKs, or through the Amazon API Gateway endpoint deployed with the solution via REST API calls.

Common Customer Requirements


AWS API Integration

AWS Account Configuration


Cost Optimization

Operational Excellence


IT Operations

Identity and Access Management


Roslyn Scott MobiCycle
Roslyn Scott MobiCycle

A web application to guide minority owned businesses on how to submit to the AWS Marketplace (Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB) Learn more...

A web and mobile application to help doctors diagnose patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB) Learn more...

sample USE CASES

AR/VR applications

photo sharing applications

chatbots/conversational AIs

a website and you want to host the backend logic on Lambda

an analytics application and storing raw data in a DynamoDB table

RESTful APIs with lower latency and lower cost than REST APIs

Origin Access Identity (OAI) to easily restrict access to your S3 content

media fragments cached at the edge, so that multiple requests for the manifest file that delivers the fragments in the right order can be combined

a serverless application using an API Gateway WebSocket API and AWS Lambda to send and receive messages to and from individual users or groups of users in a chat room


Example 1: The Web Application reference architecture is a general-purpose, event-driven, web application back-end that uses AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway for its business logic. It also uses Amazon DynamoDB as its database and Amazon Cognito for user management. All static content is hosted using AWS Amplify Console.

Roslyn Scott MobiCycle
Roslyn Scott MobiCycle

Example 2: Administrators of large channels in popular chat apps can struggle to protect their users from trolls posting explicit or suggestive images. The Image Moderation Chatbot Serverless reference architecture solves this problem by using Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and Amazon Rekognition's image moderation deep learning feature to check images contained in messages posted to channels for explicit or suggestive content.

Example 3: This architecture is ideal for workloads that need more than one data derivative of an object. In this example application, we deliver notes from an interview in Markdown format to S3. S3 Events are used to trigger multiple processing flows - one to convert and persist Markdown files to HTML and another to detect and persist sentiment.

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Example 4: This architecture applies to Autism Mapper. The app will adapt and cascade questions dependent upon previous responses and produce a readable report akin to what a psychiatrist or paediatrician produces along with generating already well-established recommendations that are based upon the parents responses. Also see the Wellbeing Associates Case Study

Example 5: This architecture applies to an app built for MSDUK. the app expands upon the material presented in the workshop. The app will introduce EMBs to the AWS Marketplace; help them decide if they should seek higher tiers such as Select or Advanced; explain the differences between Technology versus Consulting Partners; outline the programmes available to APN partners; and introduce Partnercast for further learning. Also see the MSDUK Case Study

Roslyn Scott MobiCycle
Roslyn Scott MobiCycle


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